Crowdsourced Beginnings

This project couldn't have traveled the distance without the generous support of many individuals and corporations that have committed valuable funds. In 2012, BLUE: America at Work was established with a core set of 30 museum quality silver gelatin photographic prints and frames following a successful Kickstarter campaign for the first exhibition. Since then, several corporate sponsors and individuals have underwritten exhibitions, sponsored additional prints, commissioned work and provided logistical support. Please help share the message of made in America by pledging your support.

Why is this important?

While work photographing at companies around the USA has occurred for the last several years, in 2012 several prints were first shown at a peer review event in Houston. The response and feedback was overwhelming and helped foster the realization that this isn't just a fine art show on a lesser-seen topic, but is also a particularly relevant historical look at manufacturing in the early 21st Century. It supports the notion that American manufacturing is thriving. That connection has been proven time and again by generous individuals who are connected in some way to manufacturing either through relatives, or their own work, even interested advocates who believe in American made – and want to ensure that others see what we do best.

BLUE: America at Work is an expensive analog process that requires traditional black and white film printed on fiber-based paper by a master printer, matted and framed by some really talented folks. Your donation will go a long way to ensure others see and learn about American workers by helping to purchase film, chemistry, prints, scans for the web site and fund travel and transportation for new shoots and exhibitions.

Many, many thanks in advance for being a partner in this project.

Recommended Donation Levels:

$25 Sincere Thanks

$100 5x7 Print

$250 8x10 Print

$500 2 8x10 or 1 11x14 Print

$1000 2 8x10 or 1 11x14 Print, Exhibit Sponsorship